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pinjuice's Journal

. Pinions .
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Dedicated to bringing Pin (Yamapi & Jin) fans together!
Pinions: Together we Stand

This is a community dedicated to Pin, a namesquish of self-proclaimed best friends Yamashita Tomohisa and Akanishi Jin. Anything and everything found herein should be focused around them in some way :D

To come.

General Rules:
  1. All posts should include Yamapi and Jin in some shape or form. Other idols/characters are more than welcome, but Pin should be the main focus of the post.
  2. No bashing/abuse/discrimination/rudeness (this includes any idols, community members and mods, in any shape or form) or hate memes.
  3. No trolling.
  4. No stealing. Any member found to be copying, stealing or plagiarising another person's work in any way, shape or form without permission will be banned from the community without warning.
  5. Requests, sales, petitions and advertisements for communities, forums etc are all fine, so long as they abide with the rules.

Posting Rules:
  1. Do not change the font size/colour past basic bold/italic/strikethrough editing (just because it looks great on your layout, doesn't mean it will on everyone else's ): ) - no sTiCkY cApS either.
  2. Do not repost fanworks (ie translations, art, fanvids etc) without explicit permission.
  3. Do not screen/disable comments without permission.
  4. Do not link to locked posts. Links to external journals may be locked after a minimum of one week.
  5. Choose your tags from the tags already given.

  1. All of the following should be kept under a livejournal cut.
    • Images larger than 500x500px
    • Embedded video/audio
    • Fanfiction
    • Spoilers
  2. All of the following are allowed outside of a livejournal cut.
    • One image (or 3 icon previews) may be shown outside of the cut.
    • A short fanfiction header

  1. Should include Yamapi and Jin, whether as a pairing or friends. Other characters/pairings are fine, so long as Pin are the main focus of the fic.
  2. Should be posted under a livejournal cut, or linked to elsewhere.
  3. Posts with links to locked fic will be deleted. (If you have a particular reason for locking your fic, PM a mod)
  4. Should be tagged appropriately (with only 'fanfic: oneshot', 'fanfic: drabble' or 'fanfic: chaptered')
  5. A short fanfiction header should be shown above the cut, such as:
  6. Should be rated with one of the following:
    G - suitable for all audiences; your grandma could read it
    PG/PG13 - not suitable for kids; mild language and light violence
    R - heavier non-graphic violence; darker themes; stronger non-graphic sexual content
    NC-17 - frequent strong language; explicitly graphic sexual or violent behaviour (including but not limited to rape, domestic abuse, self-harming behaviour, and graphic descriptions of consensual sex)

Finally, if you have any problems or questions, feel free to PM your mods, elanielyn or myxstorie :)