Saki 咲 (holly_berri) wrote in pinjuice,
Saki 咲

A State of Pretending

Title: A State of Pretending
Pairing: Yamapi/Jin/Kame - together, and in every combination possible.
Rating/Warnings: NC-17
Warnings: prostitution, power play and D/s undertones, organized crime, strippers, infidelity, violence, love triangles, ~feelings~, lots of gratuitously rough sex.
Summary: This is story about wanting someone for all of the wrong reasons, but holding onto to them for all the right ones. In which Yamapi is a crime lord, Kame is a police detective, and Jin the stripper that just might make the entire case crack wide open. No pun intended, of course.
a/n: Originally posted here, and is basically a whole lot of hooker porn, tbh. Please heed the warnings. ♥

You can't fix something until it's broken, and Kame fully intends to break Jin into as many pieces as it takes to fix this.
Tags: fanfic: oneshot
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