Ellia Bronsky (ellia_art) wrote in pinjuice,
Ellia Bronsky

[Fic] ALT-ernative

Title: ALT-ernative
Author-translator: Ellia Bronsky
Beta: None. Possibly, in need of one.
Rating: gradually grows from PG-13 to NC-21 17 in later chapters
Pairing: AKamePin (but I'm biased towards PiN, I think ^.^)
Summary: Alternative version of Jin’s hiatus [in 2007] – why he was temporarily removed from the Agency, what happened afterwards, and also – how Johnny-san profited from it and from many other things ^_^
A\N: I was hoping to translate it in time for the BigBang Challenge but some circumstances haven't allowed me to do so. Its first 'Season' is completed in Russian and I'm slowly translating it to English. English is not my native language, although I hope it's not that bad ^__^.
(it's in my fanfiction journal, as it's not finished and unbetaed)
Tags: fanfic: multichapter
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