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[BigBang Challenge] Anything so bright

Title: Anything so bright
Author: elanielyn
Artist: zvemi
Disclaimer: Not mine, sad but true.
Word Count: 12.469
Warnings: m-preg, and I should probably put a trigger warning for some controversial topics (i.e. racism, abortion...)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jin thought that aliens were creatures out of sci-fi stories until the visitors came from another planet. When it seemed humans had learnt to accept the unveliebable things turn wrong, but Jin is already too deep into it to let go of the future that he now carries with him.
Author’s Notes: Well, this was quite a struggle to write. Out of my comfort zone, what with mpreg and all, but I can say I enjoyed it a lot, despite all the angsting its writing involved! Fic vaguely based on Genesis 30:3, by The Mountain Goats. Also, special thanks to my betas bellemainec and maayacola and probably pinkeuphoria1 helped at some point too. ryogrande might have had something to do in me writing mpreg, too.

Link to Story Master Post: Here!
Link to Art Master Post: Sadly we've been having some issues on this matter, so I'll update the post with the art whenever zvemi breaks free from real life!
Tags: bigbang challenge, fanfic: oneshot
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